We dream up new product ideas at night, on the phone with clients, in the shower, or in an air conditioned office. But at that point, it's just an idea. A nice sketch. Unless someone gets to work...picks up hammer and tong and fires up the forge, neither the dream, or those stacks of iron bars, strap and pipe in the back ever get a new shot at life as an amazing chandelier, a custom table or a gorgeous pot rack.

The Forge is truly a magical place. With artisan bodies fully in motion, yellow flames licking hot steel, ringing anvils and the pounding cadence of blow after blow...its more like the stormy deck of a pirate ship. Burly, bearded blacksmiths, laboring over ancient equipment using graceful tricks they learned from generations past. A combination of brawn and finesse. Nothing else like it on earth! And we wanted you to see it.

The videos featured below show our gifted artisans making various products in our forge here in the Arkansas hills. We craft our product using tools and techniques that are over 100 years old. Our oldest tool was made in 1844, but the hammer, the anvil, and fire are still the essentials of the trade. It is hard, hot and demanding work, but it's worth it. Why?

"Because we will go to any length to create an heirloom treasure for you!"

Stone County Ironworks is unique among US makers. No other company produces such a wide range of products, all hand forged, using centuries-old tools and techniques. SCI is truly an American treasure. We offer this video archive so that you might appreciate the lengths we go to every day, in pursuit of our craft, for your good pleasure.