Most of the energy we human. And we like it that way.

Since 1979 we have made beautiful things, by hand, the old fashion way. It's no accident that we have always been based here in the pristine Arkansas hill The Natural State!

We use tools and techniques that are 100 years old, developed long before our planet was impacted by harsh chemicals or landfills full of planned obsolescence. The Non-toxic water-based finishes we use are baked on by clean burning natural gas which comes from the ground a few miles away. The steel we use is recycled... And what we can't use, gets recycled again. The same holds true with many of the other materials that we use...including our copper.

Below you will find exerpts from two "statements of recycled content" which are provided from the manufacturers. These are routinely used for LEED projects and other green building certifications. The Recycled Content PDF below is from Nucor, the steel mini-mill that produces our iron. Nucor is a member in good standing with the US Green Building Council. They do not operate coal fired mills as do many traditional steel mills, but rather, clean burning, electric-arc fired mills which are the most sustainable methods available. Mini mills are "scrap based" and regionally located to reduce transport.

The bar material we use will contain an average of 99.8% recycled materials (see Nucor Bar Products statement below)...Among the highest in the world.

The second letter is a Statement of Recycled Copper PDF from Revere mills, founded in 1801 by Paul Revere himself. About 60% of all copper used today is mined...Meaning that about 40% of all copper is recycled. However, we use what is called Standard Architectural Copper in our work, namely "Classic" copper, which is certified to be 95% recycled.

We also use reclaimed pallets whenever possible, and re-purposed cardboard when we can. But one of the greatest contributions we make toward a more sustainable world, is in the durability and longevity of the product that we craft. 

Long after 1000 cheap tables have been broken and been hauled away, ours will still occupy a coveted spot
chosen by those to whom it has been handed down through the generations. 
The things we make are meant to last... To be kept and treasured, for a long, long time.
That's what we call "a sustainability lifestyle!"