Dutch Oval Iron Lighted Pot Rack with Black Shade

Iron Finish
Iron Accent
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    This simple, elegant Pot Rack design could become a centerpiece for your entire kitchen. While we offer unlit versions, this pot-rack features two large black shades and sports eight double hooks. 

    It may be suspended at the proper height with two one-foot sections of chain provided or with optional hollow extender hooks to hide the electrical wiring to the ceiling. Additional chain and hooks are available in the Hardware section of our website. 

    Dimensions:  36"W x 20"D x 12"H

    What are our customers saying about this piece?

    "This pot rack was found by luck and what a find it was - this pot rack was made with our kitchen in mind it really was. This is a true and through made in USA and I am so proud that I bought hand forged pot rack I would like to say stone country iron works THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" -John, Massachusetts

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