Sycamore Hand-Forged Iron Console Table

Iron Finish
Iron Accent
Table Top
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    The Sycamore Collection features a hand-forged sculpture of iron branches - each piece is as unique and individual as the wood it's modeled after.  The smooth branch texture emulates a de-barked timber that has drifted many miles and has been polished by nature's steady hand.  Each bend and taper is the product of our blacksmith artisan's vision and experience in the forge.  Truly a work of art that all will recognize and appreciate in your space.

    After you choose the iron finish and accent that perfectly compliment your space, you can select the perfect top for your table.  The glass won't hide any of the sculpture and has a very elegant look as it hovers above.  Or, add some additional character and weight to the piece with a thick wooden top - choose from traditional style to our distressed boxcar wood!

    27"H x 44"W x 14"D