Blacksmith Twist Ornament

Iron Finish
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    The hand-forged Blacksmith Twist Ornament is made just for your tree! This unique ornament is forged by artisan blacksmiths one-at-a-time with tools from the 1800's. Every piece bears the marks of the artist's eye and hammer as they create each by hand. Choose a finish that best suits your Christmas decor. The beautiful natural iron finish allows the hand-worked material to show through while the 18K gold finish shines brightly amongst the branches. The top of the ornament features an Urban Forge hammer and anvil logo stamp and hangs from an included leather cord.

    • Hand-Crafted
    • Made in USA
    • Guaranteed Forever
    • Natural Iron or 18K Gold Finish
    • Made from Recycled Iron and Low VOC Finish

    This iron ornament is roughly 5" long, 1/2" Wide. With the leather cord, the hangs 7".