Hand Forged Snail

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    Snails have come the subject of art, mystery, and folklore since the beginning of recorded time. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by snails and included their likeness in sketches and famous engravings. One in particular entitled "hunting snails" now resides in the Louvre. Leonardo used the perfect spiral of the snail shell to illustrate "the golden ratio" which influenced the world of art including his own...from the Mona Lisa to The Last Supper.

    Today, snails are adored all over the world. There's something strange and fanciful about the regal way it travels...slow and sure with a swirly little home perched high upon its back.

    No children's library would be complete without a great snail story! And any shelf or display will come alive with a hand forged snail, lovingly crafted in four different sizes by one of our artisan blacksmiths.

    The metal snail statues come in 4 different sizes to choose from. Please note that these dimensions are for the length of the body and does not include the antenna.

    mini (1.5 Inch Length)

    small (2.5 Inch Length)

    medium (3.5 Inch Length)

    large (4.5 Inch Length)