Daniel was born in Alabama and grew up all over the world as a military youngster. He comes from a creative family and his siblings, like Daniel, are all artisans. He walks in the tradition of his great grandfather who was a blacksmith. In addition to his work at Stone County Ironworks, Daniel expresses his creativity at home by carving wood, tooling leather, blacksmithing and knife making. “There’s an art to moon-shinin”, he teases with a smile. The most inspiring place to Daniel is nature. He combines his interest in photography with his love for nature, by tracking animals in the wild to find the perfect shot. To Daniel, the most beautiful SCI products are found in the Enchanted Forest product line, for which he is particularly gifted at making. The most important thing in Daniel’s life is his family! His father had a huge impact on Daniel, and he is most proud of his son. Daniel’s favorite food is Mexican! He is most satisfied when the job is completed and done right. 26 years at SCI and he still enjoys his work...as do the thousands of clients who have graced their favorite spaces with Daniels craft.
Daniel-Artisan Blacksmith, Wood Carver, Finish Artisan
Dennis was born and raised Newport, Arkansas. He is a first generation blacksmith, and accepted a job at Stone County Ironworks 23 years ago to "get out of catching chickens." His Mother was an artist and his Dad was a musician, so he comes by his creativity honestly! Dennis feels that the most beautifully designed line is our Eden Isle Collection; he likes the trademark leaves and curves. Dennis is most inspired when he is able to view his work in its place at a client’s home. He loves seeing happy customers! Woodburning and etching glass are two of his secret hobbies away from the forge. The most important things to Dennis are reading his Bible and praying. His work, no matter what is is, has always been very important to him. Country cookin’ with "plain meat and potatoes" produces his very favorite food. He is a satisfied man because he "knows that God listens to him" and that God proves that he cares by helping him every day. The person with the most impact in his life is his father-in-law, who taught him so much about money management and just life in general. His Father in law also landed the job for Dennis at Stone County. Dennis is proud of his talents/skillset – proud to be a blacksmith and a jack of all trades. This May makes 23 years at SCI for Dennis. He loves that his job is so unique, as are the thousands of wonderful pieces that Dennis has made over the years!
Dennis-Artisan Blacksmith
Stan was born and raised in the tiny town of Fifty-Six, Arkansas...population, 176. His Grandpa was blacksmith so Stan definitely has the gene pool for this kind of work. However, for many generation, most of his family were farmers. Stan is a talented smith for sure, but his favorite products to craft are barstools of any style, however, he has a special enjoyment for the Montage series. Like so many folks in this mountainous area of Arkansas. Stan loves the great outdoors and enjoys fishing and hunting when he has on opportunity to go. He also likes shooting and collecting guns. The most important thing in life to Stan are his children. Favorite food? Well he just loves shrimp creole. Stan's grandpa had the biggest impact on his life, teaching Stan to hunt, fish and ride horses. Stan said they always had a “big old time”. He is most proud of his kids. Stan joined the company 23 years ago. My how the world has changed. Working his craft is pretty easy for Stan in part because it's "handy and close to the house." Stan feels that every job he works on here at the forge is a form of art.
Stan-Artisan Blacksmith
Josh was born and raised right here in Mountain View, AR. There is a lot of blacksmithing in his family history and several of his local relatives have been a part of the history of Stone County Ironworks. Josh is a gifted artisan, and over the last 16 years he has made just about everything in the portfolio. Even so, his favorite Stone County product is the Sassafras Bed, which is a rustic style bed with leafy twigs and sculpted wooden posts. When asked of the place he is most inspired, he laughed and said “my recliner”. But in all serious, even though Josh has a quick smile and a love for people, he likes to get away when he can and just enjoy the quietness of NATURE. Something Josh would like people to know is that he is a devoted father. His absolute favorite food is chicken alfredo. Josh is most satisfied when he’s is spending time with his kids. His father has had most impact in Josh's life, by showing Josh the way in life. Josh respects his fathers leadership. Josh is proud of progress in life. Josh has stayed with Stone County Ironworks because he enjoys his craft and he really likes the people here.
Josh-Artisan Blacksmith
Born in Alaska and raised all over the world, Forrest found Mountain View, Arkansas as him home a few years ago. While art isn’t in his family as much, he loves crafting/fabricating metal pieces. The Enchanted Forest Bed w/Hand Rubbed Bronze is his favorite product. Germany is inspiring to him when he thinks about how the people of that time built the incredible castles with no machinery. The most important thing in his life is probably his outlook on life, he likes to stay positive. His favorite food is pizza. Forrest is most satisfied at the end of the day when he can reflect on all that he done that day. Forrest’s Dad has had the biggest impact on his life because he taught Forrest to work with his hands and always had a “can-do” attitude. Forrest is most proud of where he’s at in his life! Forrest has been at SCI for a shot time (compared to some of the old timers) but is working with blacksmithing, copper and zinc. This is his favorite job ever. Forrest is inspired by the work of everyone here at the forge and it means a lot to him that he is appreciated for his own work.
Forrest-Zinc-smith and Copper-smith
Kim was born and raised in Louisiana. Her grandmother taught how to quilt and cook. Being talented and very artsy, Kim will say that she was self-taught and that she learns more every day! If she sees something interesting, she will just try it! Kim is also a musician and singing is her favorite way to relax! Kim thinks that the most beautiful product is the Dome Branch Firepit that we make for Terrain (Urban Outfitters)! She is inspired by Nature and loves the white river which flows through Mountain View. Few people know that she was in a music video once. Kim’s most important thing in life is her kids and he relationship with God. She is a Louisiana girl so her favorite food is boiled crawfish. She is most satisfied when she’s creating something or seeing an idea come to fruition. The people with the biggest impact on her is her Mother and Grandmother, and she has the best memories with them. They taught her so much. Both women invested and believed in Kim. Being out in nature is where Kim is most at ease. She is proud of her children! Kim is an exceptional talent, and while she has worked at SCI for a short time she has excelled in blacksmithing, custom product design and concept art. Kim says "it’s fun to work here!"
Kim-Artisan Blacksmith, Finish Artist, Custom Designer
Erick was born in Reynosa, Mexico and grew up in south Texas. Music and singing has been a big part of Erick's family tradition. He is interested in music and sketching as a personal pastime. His favorite product line at SCI is the Eden Isle because the design is has whimsical and flowing lines. His favorite special finish on our product is the hand rubbed ivory and his favorite to special finish to apply is hand rubbed brass. Erick would like to travel internationally and feels that the most inspiring places to visit would be Paris. Erick loves to go back to his home town because he recognizes that it played a huge role in making him the man that he is today. One of his favorite places to escape is his truck...with music dialed up! The most important things in his life are his family and God –"It’s gotta be that way", he says. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. Erick is never satisfied; he’s always reaching for more. He feels that God has had the most impact on his life, along with his Dad and children. His Dad taught him to help others. Erick is most proud of his children and feels good about his personal outlook on life. He has been here for 3 years and likes what we do here, and that it’s one of the oldest professions still around. He likes the people at SCI!
Born in the neighboring town of Batesville, Arkansas and raised in the tiny burg of Fifty Six (population 176). Everybody loves Sue and she is affectionately known as “Aunt Sue” or “Mama Sue”. Sue knows something about everything and is an important resource, as well as a gifted finish artist who knows her way around color and application techniques. Away from work Sue enjoys quilting, gardening and embroidery. In her opinion, the most beautiful products we craft are the items in our Pine Collection. Her favorite finish is Vintage Ivory, a complex finish requiring lots of skilled handwork. Her most inspiring place are the mountains that surround our little mountain town. The scenery is wonderful here and Sue just loves it. Family is the most important thing in her life. Hey this is Arkansas, so her favorite food is fried chicken, as it should be! Sue is most satisfied when a plan comes together. Her mother is a very important part of her heritage, and Sue is proud of her boys. She has been a huge part of Stone County for 24 years in August! “It feels like family.” she said…”another stepping stone in life.”
Sue-Special Finish and Packing Artisan
Chris was born and raised right here in Mountain View, Arkansas. He is a 4th generation blacksmith and hopes his son will become a 5th gen! His Dad and Great Grandpa have always been blacksmiths. He was trained as a smith by his dad right here at SCI. Chris had some music talent in his family and he played guitar himself. His favorite SCI products is the Enchanted Forest Bed for which Chris is a master-maker. Chris is most inspired when going on the Red River to catch white bass. He loves to spend time with his family and mushroom hunt with his daughter. “She’s my buddy”, he says with a smile. The most important thing to Chris is his family and his job. His favorite food is lobster, which he says he has to eat at least once a month. Chris is most satisfied when the job is completed and looks great. His Mom had the biggest impact on his life because she gave up everything for him when he was growing up. He’s a momma’s boy and unashamed. Chris is most proud of his kids. He has been with Stone County Ironworks for 21 years, and loves blacksmithing.
Chris-Artisan Blacksmith
Jerry is a 3rd generation blacksmith, and was born and raised in Mountain View, Arkansas. He also lived in Kansas City for a time. His Grandpa and uncle were carpenters, so making things with wood or steel comes naturally for Jerry. There was music talent in his family but Jerry hasn't claimed that for himself just yet. In his opinion, hand forged roses are the most beautiful product made at SCI...and after that would be the Eden Isle collection. To Jerry, the most inspiring place would have to Blanchard Springs or Push Mountain in Big Flat, Arkansas! Not many people know that Jerry is an experienced carpenter. The most important thing to Jerry is his wife, his boys, his grandkids and his dog, Ozzie. His favorite food would have to be fried chicken. Jerry is most satisfied when he’s at home. His Dad had the biggest impact, because he could do anything and he taught Jerry to be just like him. His family is his pride and joy in life! Off and on 17 years, he’s has plied his trade with the Ironworks. It’s what he likes to do. Jerry's dream is to someday have a shop of his own.
Jerry-Artisan Blacksmith
Michael was born and raised in Washington. After moving to Mountain View at 14, he now knows he could never leave. Construction and drawing were in his family. He feels that the most beautiful product SCI carries is Sassafras Line. Michael really likes to be around people and feels at rest anywhere. He can do 7 work orders at once and is great at multi-tasking. Not many people know that he wants to have his own property and a farm someday. The most important thing in his life is his daughter. His favorite food is probably Chinese food! Michael is most satisfied when things turn out right. His father had the biggest impact on his life because he taught Michael how to work and treat people right. Michael said he doesn’t take pride in anything, but he is quite pleased to be alive an’ kicking. He’s been at Stone County Ironworks off and on for 12 years. It was the first job he ever had and he likes what he does. He likes “playing with metal”.
Michael-Artisan Blacksmith
Darrell was born in Batesville and grew up in Mountain View. In his mind, the most beautiful product is the Enchanted Forest Console Table. His most inspiring moment would be the mornings when he can look out the dock doors and watch the sun rise. Most people don’t know that Darrell is a good horse shoe pitcher. Darrell is also quick to say that the most important thing in his life would be keeping his relationships a priority. His favorite thing to eat is lemon bread, and he is most satisfied when he can say that he’s done his best at the end of a long day of work. Tom, on of Darrell’s best friends, has had the biggest impact on Darrell’s life. "He taught me a lot of work and life skills." Darrell said. He is most proud of the transformation that has taken place in his life over the last few years. He has been with SCI for 5 years and he stays here because Anna told him to. In all seriousness, Darrell is a man who looks forward to the challenges that come every single day.
Darrell-Finishing and Packing Artisan