Stone County Ironworks is appropriately named after the county in Arkansas where our company was birthed almost 4 decades ago. As the business grew, we chose to remain, live and work in this small hardscrabble community where doing things the hard way comes naturally. Over the years, that pioneering independence has shaped the Stone County brand. We rely on old world tools and techniques to produce character and texture in our work. Those methods fit the throwback life we have built here. By any measure, doing what we do is hard. If it were easy, perhaps others would do it too.

Here you will find a simple and safe place where neighbors and employees are like family. It's a magical spot where people still wave, and stop to let others cross the street. Over time, folks here learned to socialize and entertain in wholesome ways that didn't cost much money. That’s why music and craft is still such an important part of a creative community that produces the artisans who make our company possible. We have over 1,000 items in our portfolio with millions of possible combinations. Much of our business is custom. We work in 100,000 square feet full of artisan blacksmiths, woodcarvers, coppersmiths and finish artists who can make anything. There is no place like it on earth.

The unique way we shape our steel requires a blend artistry and brawn. Strength and finesse, combining somehow to produce the wonderful art pieces you will find in homes and resorts everywhere. 

 It's a privilege to make functional art in a way that has otherwise faded into history. And, it’s a proud trade...that we love. Like pioneers who worked so hard to discover and then scratch out a life on their little plot of ground...ours is here. We are grateful that you stopped by. If we can serve you in some way, then our lives will be all the better for it. If you should call, or stop by our showroom in Mountain View, then we hope you will look back and feel like family.



If you have questions or are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please call Customer Care at 800-223-4722, 8am to 4:30pm (Central), Monday through Friday. Or you may e-mail your contact information to and we will do everything we can to serve you.