Heirloom Quality Iron Family Tree with Base

Iron Finish
Iron Accent
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    This beautifully crafted Family Tree is our more compact model. Every detail is hand-forged by one of our gifted artisans, making each tree unique! The limbs are textured and formed by experienced hands to replicate the majesty of an established old hardwood tree with enough character to lean against the wind. This is an heirloom quality piece that will be treasured for generations to come. When your tree arrives it will be attached to a wonderful hand-forged iron base with textures and a raised plaque bearing the family name you have chosen. You will also receive a twin-leaf pair, to serve as a family starter mounted in the highest place of honor on the tree. Lastly, we will include a gold pen, so that you may capture the names and birth dates of your beloved family members. There are 30 mounting places on each tree. Additional hand-forged leaves are available individually or as doubles (for couples or twins) and singles (in sets of ten). Each leaf is unique like the person it represents, and is tastefully finished by hand in beautiful gold tones. This tree is truly a work of genuine hand-forged artistry made right here in the hills of Arkansas by renowned Stone County blacksmiths. It will grace your home for a lifetime and the homes of future generations for all time. The tree pictured here is finished in hand rubbed bronze, but is available in any finish offered by Stone County. For custom sizes or finishes, please contact our custom group for more information.

    Overall Dimensions: 22 inches wide by 19 inches high