Iron Fire screen - Leaf Collection - Single Panel with Feet

Iron Finish
Iron Accent
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    A quality fire-screen has mesh that is durable enough to stand the heat without deforming. The mesh has to be loose enough to see the beauty of your fire place, and tight enough to keep sparks inside. For 30 years we have made the best fire-screens money can buy. Our artisans know how to tension the material to avoid unsightly warping. The finish is durable and the styling is impeccable! If you can't find the right size, shape or design, contact our custom group and we will design and make it for you. We are able to produce permanently affixed screens with pivoting doors as well. 

    Dimensions:  38 inches x 30 inches High

    What are our customers saying about this piece?

    "I just love the screen! Thanks. Great product and quality." -Karen, Pennsylvania