Welcome to America's Blacksmith Shop!

Stone County Ironworks is an artisan-led maker of highly-crafted, hand-forged iron products for hearth, home, and hospitality institutions all across the country. We feature about 1,500 items in our portfolio and operate a thriving custom business as well. You will benefit competitively with Stone County because almost any request can be met, from changes to existing catalog items to unique, one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces, designed for a specific space. Custom also provides creative energy for Stone County, infusing a steady flow of new ideas and product innovation that connects us to the marketplace we serve, and develops our understanding of design trend…constantly sharpening our blacksmithing capabilities.



Test.jpgThe products we produce every day are “bench-made” one-at-a-time, by dedicated American artisans who treasure a simpler way of life here in the hills of Arkansas. If you visit our forge, you won’t find a high speed assembly-line. Our skilled blacksmiths…sometimes second or third generation employees…make every item from start to finish using age-old forging methods. 30 years ago Stone County Ironworks began to reinvigorate the lost art of blacksmithing. Every hand-tool and essential piece of equipment used by the Village Smithy in the 1800’s is still integral to the way we make things today. You won’t find two Stone County pieces that are identical. Our products appeal more to those who find real and lasting value in the unique character found in each and every piece we make…the old fashioned way.

Thirty years ago we established an operating philosophy that still serves the company today…Excellent design and quality, rapid response, and friendly service. The range of design themes offered is endless. On our site and in our catalog you will find lots of variety, so whether we are replicating nature in a table for a grand lodge in the mountains, or incorporating geometric angles into a chandelier for a more contemporary environment, we can provide the perfect design for any space.

Our finish-artisans are experts in surface coloration and texture. From rustic bark, gun-metals or natural blacks, to hand rubbed metallic finishes and accents in bronze, pewter, gold or bright and antique coppers…We look for a finish which perfectly complements the piece. Our finishers can also replicate the characteristics of weathered wood or ancient metal “found objects.” Imagine rusty crackles, drips and runs, chips, fades and splotches…amazing and unique finishes that replicate years of exposure to the natural elements. We powder coat as well. Outdoor applications may require the weather resistant characteristics of special coatings.

When selecting wood seating, table tops or cabinetry, we try to provide lots of options, so if what you need isn’t in our catalog or on the site, just ask. We can usually make it for you. We produce polished finishes, distressed surfaces, or barn-wood…in just about any species or finish. So, whether you require a textured copper top with beautiful patinas, fired by hand and built to your specifications, or custom upholstered seating…our desire is to deliver exactly what you need, every single time. Stone County Ironworks is seldom the least expensive, but almost always the best. Of course none of that would matter if we didn’t have a host of wonderful customers who believe in what we do every day. To our loyal customers and clients, we thank you for your commitment to Stone County. To those who are discovering Stone County Ironworks, perhaps for the first time…Welcome to our family. We look forward to discovering exactly how we can help you find exactly what you are dreaming about!


Here's a taste of what some of our customers are saying:

"We have lots of Stone County - two beds, a torchiere, 8 lamps, 2 end tables, a bar table & chairs, and two counter stools! We really love your work." -Carol, Arizona

"The items are beautiful, thanks for all your help." -Chantal, Connecticut  

"Everything was great! I just sent a purchase order for more of the double sassafras hooks." -Paige, Colorado

"I love the personal attention you give to your customers. Have a great weekend." -Ginger, Oregon

"Thanks for the sweet note! I have been a customer since the very beginning. I have 2 bed frames, end tables, coffee table, plethora of lamps, dining room chairs, bar table and chairs, wine rack, fern stand, heart hooks, vase and clock and probably more, just can't remember. Mostly we picked the sassafras or the heart pattern. It is wonderful furniture and a great place to go for the day when I lived in Arkansas. Take care and thanks again." -Laura, California

"I ordered several pieces of furniture from you a couple of years ago while in Highpoint which I love!!" -Lisa, Minnesota

"Very Pleased! Customer was thrilled with the quality as it was her first Stone County purchase. (I knew it would be good because I've sold SC for years!)" -Steve, designer in Wisconsin

"Anna, my client loved everything! Thanks so much for all your help! Looking forward to working with you again hopefully real soon!"-Julie, designer in Arizona

"This order was received and everything looked great. The client has them and will be installing soon." -Kit, designer in Georgia


If you have questions or are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please call Customer Care at 800-223-4722, 8am to 4:30pm (Central), Monday through Friday. Or you may e-mail your contact information to  annab@stonecountyironworks.com and we will do everything we can to serve you.